Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Review: On a Rogue Planet by Anna Hackett

Unlucky-in-love salvage mechanic, Malin Phoenix, didn’t intend to get caught up in a coup and kidnapped by a sexy cyborg. But she finds herself swept into an adventure to help the deadly, emotionless CenSec, Xander Saros, retrieve an ancient Terran artifact and save his planet.

Soon she’s racing across uncharted space and is magnetically drawn to the cyborg whose strong arms and muscled body ignite a desire that burns brighter than a supernova. But Mal can never let herself forget that she can’t fall in love with a cyborg who can never love her back.

The crowning glory of the Centax Security program, Xander is heavily enhanced, his emotions dampened to nothing to allow him to be the most efficient, lethal killer in the galaxy. As he and Malin hunt for the remnant of the galaxy’s first computer, the Antikythera Mechanism, their quest leads them into the lair of a dangerous technomancer. But Xander can’t identify his greatest threat—the enemy or the fascinating woman who’s making him feel.

I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

On a Rogue Planet is third in The Phoenix Adventures and drops Malin Phoenix, cousin to Dathan, Zayn and Nik square in the middle of a coup on Centrix, the CenSec planet. On a Rogue Planet starts with a BOOM and charges forth from there.

At first, I assumed (silly me) this one would be about Nik and Darq and have to admit I enjoyed being teased along further with (what I hope will become) their storyline. The longer Darq gives Nik a hard time, the better =)

Malin is an overall-wearing, grease under the nails salvage mechanic more comfortable with rusty starship hulls than with men and Xander is living up to his nearly divine expectations as the number one cyberneticly enhanced man in the galaxy. What cyborg couldn't use a good mechanic? Xander has never felt love and Malin is afraid to have it taken from her again.

I loved how my mental picture of Malin was ripped out from under me. I pictured the saggy coveralls and tool belt, grease and her legs sticking out from something she's taken apart. She pulls off sleek and sexy just fine, laser cutter included.

I also really like how Hackett manages to surprise me with details. Even when you know Malin and Xander splitting up is a really bad idea, the way she makes things happen is enough off kilter to make the action pop and drive up the intensity.

On a Rogue Planet is a great blend of action, sci-fi and romance and if you're a fan of the genre this series is well worth a read.

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