Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Review: Equilibrium Episode 3 by CS Sealey

The Ronnesians are forced to answer for their deception, which comes at a deadly price.

Lord General Archis Varren, intent on avenging the murder of his predecessor, has traced the assassination contract to the Ronnesian Mayor Challan, one of Queen Sorcha’s most valued supporters.

Meanwhile, Vrór viciously attacks the Ronnesian capital of Te’Roek, luring Angora back from her self-appointed mission in the north. The two Leikas finally come face to face and their ensuing battle takes them far from the city. But is this fight one Angora can possibly win?

In the aftermath of the attack, Varren hatches his plan to cripple Queen Sorcha’s power at its very source and the equilibrium begins to tip.


Episode three takes us from a magical invasion of the Ronnesian palace to a major shakeup in the balance between Ronnesia and Ayon. In my reviews of Episode 1 and Episode 2 I talked about Sealey's rich and easily digested writing. Love her style. Nothing impedes my enjoyment and understanding of her story. She easily carries me through the pages.

If you haven't read a serialized novel before this is a great one with which to start. Each piece is well thought out as not only a self-contained tale but also grabs you from the previous one and leaves you *needing* the next.

Favourite things? Zoran Sable of course though we only check in with him in Episode 3.  King Samian becomes my second favourite character.

And the thing that happened to that character at the end? I'll only say I've gone to a happy place in my head with an alternate ending where it doesn't hurt so much. I'll be in an accepting state of mind for Episode 4.

I promise.

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