Tuesday, 13 January 2015

2015 Australian Women Writers Challenge

I'm tickled to find this challenge! I've been enjoying tons of Sci-Fi and Fantasy written by Australian women so it's a great fit for me.

Want to join? Come check it out.

Australia Women Writers Challenge

My books:

1. Aurora: Darwin by Amanda Bridgeman Review
2. Aurora: Pegasus by Amanda Bridgeman
3. Aurora: Meridian by Amanda Bridgeman
4. Aurora: Centralis by Amanda Bridgeman Review
5. Dragonfly by Erica Hayes Review
6. Equilibrium: Episode 1 by C.S. Sealey Review
7. Equilibrium: Episode 2 by C.S. Sealey Review
8. Aurora: Eden by Amanda Bridgeman
9. Ours to Save by Shona Husk Review
10. Ours to Share by Mel Teshco Review
11. Ours to Embrace by Denise Rossetti Review
12. Mine to Serve by Mel Tescho Review

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