Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Review: The Book of the Dead by Greig Beck

When a massive sinkhole opens up and swallows a retired couple from Iowa it seems like a freak occurrence. But it's not the only one. Similar sinkholes are opening all over the world, even on the sea floor. And they're getting bigger.

People living near the pits begin reporting strange phenomena—vibrations, sulfurous odors, and odd sounds in the stygian depths. Then the pets begin to go missing.

When people start disappearing as well, the government is forced to act. Professor Matt Kearns and a team of experts are sent in by the military to explore one of the sinkholes, and they discover far more than they bargained for.

From the war zones of the Syrian Desert to the fabled Library of Alexandria, and then to Hades itself, join Professor Matt Kearns as he attempts to unravel an age-old prophecy. The answers Matt seeks are hidden in the fabled Al Azif—known as the Book of the Dead—and he must find it, even if it kills him. Because time is running out, not just for Matt Kearns, but for all life on Earth.

The Book of the Dead is the second adventure in which Professor Matt Kearns finds himself thrust out front and caught in the middle. I read The First Bird, Kearn's first all-by-himself adventure, before starting this one and found I didn't have to. I enjoyed it too.


 I decided to make a list of the top ten things (in no particular order) I love to see in a book like this. To me, The Book of the Dead fits neatly as a horror, supernatural thriller, adventure and an action story. The Book of the Dead covers all ten items on my list and turns them into something delicious and unexpected.

1. Believable threat to the Earth. Not a part or just a few people, all of it. I don't want to root for the evil underdog.
2. Smut, smexy or at least some good flirting.
3. Supernatural/superpowered beings capable of chewing up, consuming, devouring or otherwise sucking the life from everyone. Extra points for doing this without vampires.
4. Unexplained slime.
5. Strong characters of both sexes.
6. That moment when "going in there" is the only part of the plan the characters need to reconsider.
7. Affectionate insults such as numb nuts, asshat or douche bag.
8. Ominous bad smells.
10. You don't have to read previous books in the series. I did. You should.

Add this one to your to read list if you haven't already.

Thank you to Momentum and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book. I received my copy in exchange for my honest review.

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