Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Review: The Last Quarrel: Episode 1 by Duncan Lay

Gaelland is a nation gripped by fear.

In the country, fishing boats return with their crews mysteriously vanished, while farms are left empty, their owners gone into the night, meals still on the table. In the cities, children disappear from the streets or even out of their own beds. The King tells his people that it is the work of selkies – mythical creatures who can turn from seals into men and back again – and witches. But no matter how many women he burns at the stake, the children are still being taken.  

Fallon is a man who has always dreamed of being a hero. His wife Bridgit just wants to live in peace and quiet, and to escape the tragedies that have filled her life. His greatest wish and her worst nightmare are about to collide.

When an empty ship sails into their village, he begins to follow the trail towards the truth behind the evil stalking their land. But it is a journey that will take them both into a dark, dark place and nobody can tell them where it might end...

As the first Episode in a series, I was prepared for the format; players find their places, evil takes a foothold, good gives us a reason to get a comfy chair in their corner and a get the next one in the series NOW cliffhanger.

Done and done.

It also has two things I used to terrify myself with years ago; witch-burnings and unnatural faceless villains.

I like Fallon as a soldier and a family man and also Bridgit, she's got a lot more toughness in her than we've seen so far. I also liked the world is fictitious but in a way very regular, relatable and real. It gives the creepiness so much more weight.

I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. I won't request the second. I'm hooked so I will support the author and buy the rest.

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